TA 65 Skin

No one can prevent illness and death, particularly in aging. The skin is an important criterion of human aging.

With growth in human life, from the delicate skin in infancy to compact skin in youth, then wrinkle and relax skin in old age, this process often make the heart of beautywishing lovers felt tremendous loss and helplessness.

Recently, scientists at Harvard Medical School announced they invented a magic drug that can make people on the "youth" again.

They first discovered a rare mixture from herbs called astragalus. After refining, they obtained this magic nutritional supplement called "TA-65". The reason that it is amazing, because it can activate an enzyme called “telomerase”, an enzyme that plays a certain protection for chromosome end, and therefore will indirectly protect cells.

Last year, the team has conducted a "TA-65" experiment in mice by injecting "TA-65" and found that the mice not only extended the chromosome end , but the immune system has also been restored, even have increased bone density. This means that if humans injected with this "TA-65" nutritional supplements, will extend the chromosome end, “Resurrection" features and characteristics of cells, skin can naturally be restored to youthful firmness beautiful from flabby folds of skin.

According to the testing of the TA-65 components from United States third-party laboratory, TA-65 contains 5.44 mg of Cycloastragenol.

TA-65 is expensive, the common consumer can not afford. We can choose to take Cycloastragenol alternatively to achieve the same effect.