The secret of eternal youth

Astragalus • cycloastragenol

What will grow with the passage of time? That is the age! As she grew older, the skin began to dry, loose and wrinkled up. Youth fades soon while beauty dies fast! Since people couldn’t change the fact, we would need to change ourselves, so that youth could fade away slowly, more slowly.

Want to retain a youthful appearance, we must choose a truly effective anti-aging creams and health products to retain beautiful face through change us internally and externally. There are various types of anti-aging products with different ingredients on the market, how to filter out the real anti-aging creams and health products?

At first we must understand the theory of skin aging:

The skin tissue increasingly developed after we birth. It will start degenerate when we reach a certain age. This degradation is often performed in people unknowingly slowly. People have the thickest skin at 20 years old, then gradually thinning. Due to the aging of cells attached to the stratum corneum, the skin surface hardens and lose luster. People have the thickest dermal layer at 30 years old, gradient thin and accompanied by atrophy after. Reduction of subcutaneous fat, changes in elastic fibers and collagen fibers occurred, gradually lost skin elasticity and tension, and further lead to sagging skin and wrinkles [1]. From this we can see that the cell's reducing is the culprit of skin aging!

 What product can repair aging cells from the roots, and promote cell regeneration? After a long research, scientists discovered that astragalusa extract can slow the decline of a fundamental cell and promote cell regeneration. Natural active ingredients that play anti-aging are Astragaloside and cycloastragenol.

Astragalus extract as the efficacy of anti-aging skin care products have been proved [2]. Since ancient times, Chinese use astragalus as tradition medicine, such as HuangqiJian zhong soup, Astragalus & Angelica soup.Astragalus extract is now used as an active ingredient active in the cosmetics and beauty market such as ChunJuan Astragalus cream, Taiwan's new NARUKO (NARUKO) Na Lu Ke, Korea MiSSHA MISA GEUMSUL VITALIZING FINISHER, D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition and so on.

Cycloastragenol extract out from astragalus is the only kind of telomerase activator currently found. It could extend Telomeres, enhance the vitality of the cells so as to achieve the purpose of anti-aging. Currently there are many anti-aging products of Cycloastragenol, such as the CAW Cycloastragenol Capsules (, TA-65, Product B, etc. on the market. Because CAW is located in China that is the feedstock country of cycloastragenol, so the CAW products have the advantage of price and quality.

Therefore, to eternal youth, we need change us internally and externally. Use the right anti-aging skin care products such as D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition, and eat the real anti-aging products such as Cycloastragenol capsules.