New Anti-aging Technology

New Anti-aging ingredient——Cycloastragenol

Cycloastragenol compound is the most active telomerase activator found now [1]. It could reverse the infirmities associated with aging and regenerate deteriorating tissues and organs by rebuilding particular portions of DNA at the ends of chromosomes, known as telomeres [2]. This unprecedented finding is supported by a growing body of research demonstrating that ensuring the integrity of telomeres, these small segments of repeating DNA which would otherwise decay over time, wreaking havoc on multiple tissues and organs. The Cycloastragenol could prevent the decline of the aging of cells and thus delay aging [2].

New Anti-aging Technology——Nano-Cycloastragenol

Whatever the anti-aging product is how efficacy or magic, in order to play its efficacy, it needs to be absorbed by the body. The solubility of ordinary Cycloastragenol pharmaceutical preparations is not high, the body absorption is not good enough, so it is failure to give full play to its anti-aging magic.

The CAWTM Nano-Cycloastragenol is one capsule which uses the modern nanotechnology to make the main component of the drug to be nanoscale size. For the precious natural extracts——Cycloastragenol, the use of nanotechnology has unsurpassed advantages.The structure of the drug powder and the size of the drug particle are two important factors affecting drug absorption. Cycloastragenol compound is not water soluble, the dissolution of the general formulation is not high. When it is made to be nano-particles, it is more uniform, the specific surface area is increased, the porosity is increased, the drug can be better dispersed and dissolved in the gastrointestinal fluid, and the contact area of the gastrointestinal mucosa is increased, thereby the gastrointestinal absorption becomes easier. The CAWTM Nano-Cycloastragenol improves bioavailability greatly, reduces toxic side effects significantly.

The size of CAWTM Nano-Cycloastragenol is between 10-400 nm, smaller than a red blood cell volume, can be suspended in the blood, followed by the bloodstream to all parts of the body, really enter various cells of the body, stimulate each telomerase, extend telomere, repair damaged DNA, so as to achieve the exact anti-aging effects.