Fighting against aging

Aging is a necessary stage of life, people can’t change this fact, but could slow down the speed of aging.

Aging of human organs are not synchronized, you can see some external changes, such as wrinkles, rough skin, fatigue, etc. But some internal changes we couldn't feel, such as cell aging, necrosis, metabolism slows, lack of blood and so on.

The root cause of aging is the reduction of cells. The cause of cells reduction derived from the chromosome reduction. DNA cannot continue their duplication all the way at the end of a chromosome, so the end of the chromosome is shortened in each duplication. Telomere without the genetic information is located at the end of the gene. It acts as "suicide protective structure". It protects the integrity of the genetic information through sacrifice themselves. In the replication process of cell division, the lost part of the fragment is always the ends of telomeres. With the number of cell division increasing, telomeres become shorter. When telomeres no longer shorten, cells stop dividing and turn to decline, human body began aging. However, telomerase could extend Telomeres [1], thereby to maintain the vitality of the cells.

What could improve the activity of Telomerase? So far, the human only found one telomerase activator. It is Cycloastragenol, a natural compound that extract from an ancient Chinese herbal medicine Astragalus[2]!

If we want to contend against age and slow aging in essence, we should select anti-aging products from the perspective of enhancing the vitality of cells, such as Cycloastragenol capsules of CAW. So that we have hand the real weapon, fight against aging, achieve the dream of youth and longevity!