Astragalus extract supplement/ Astragaloside iv supplement


Astragalus, also known as HuangQi, is the collective name of plants and herbal medicines. Astragalus plants produced in China and other Middle East countries. It was listed as the national levels to protect plants in China. The medicinal history of Astragalus is more than 2000 years, it's a natural product which Chinese like to eat. Astragalus extract could enhance immunity, energy, anti-fatigue, anti-mutagenic, protect liver, inhibit osteoclast cells.

Chemical composition of Astragalus is many. There are saponins (Astragalus saponin Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Astragaloside iv, soybean saponin Ⅰ, daucosterol β-Daucosterol, cyclolanost-type triterpenoid saponins), tetracyclic triterpenoids (Cycloastragenol, etc.), flavonoids (kaempferol, trace elements quercetin, isorhamnetin, rhamnocitrin and flavonoid glycosides), sucrose, polysaccharides, 25 kinds of amino acids, folic acid and selenium, zinc, and copper.

The most important compounds in Astragalus are Astragaloside iv and Cycloastragenol. Cycloastragenol, a tetracyclic triterpenoids compound, is the aglycone of Astragaloside iv. They could activate telomerase, extend telomeres, repair the chromosomes ends, slow decay of cells, thus delaying the aging of the body.

In addition, Astragaloside iv, Cycloastragenol, total flavonoids and other ingredients in Astragalus have also been shown to have significant antioxidant activity, can inhibit the production of free radicals and remove excess free radicals, it can effectively help delay aging.

So, Astragalus is the best gift God gives us to fight against aging. Taking the Astragalus extract, Astragaloside IV Capsule and Cycloastragenol Capsule, thus we have got the natural power to resist, at least delay the aging what harm is brought by time!