Telomerase/telomerase activator/ activators


In 1984, some molecular biological scientists researched the single cell organisms, found a special enzyme-- telomerase, it can maintain the telomere length, and reveals its unique role in the human body: in addition to human germ cells and some special cells, to almost other cells telomerase do not play a role, but it can maintain the cancer cells telomere length, make the cancer cells unlimited proliferation.Telomerase reverse transcriptase can rebuild telomeres, but the body tend to shut down this enzyme. Many biologists thought the telomerase are ever-young enzyme; make our life forever young, because it has effects at the cellular level "makes life continues".

Telomerase activator/activators

Have you remember the polt about the Hollywood blockbuster "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”? The main role Benjamin Button played by Brad Pitt, he violated the laws of nature, even born was a old man ,as he grows old in years, his body becomes younger. The story of the film may be a reality by now. Recently, Harvard University oncologist Ronald Debinghor according to the theory of telomere, use the telomerase activator cycloastragenol, through tests in mice, the first time successful reverse the aging process, the research results were published in the journal "nature".

The telomerase activators not only make people live longer, away from Alzheimer's and heart disease, have dark shining hair and spotlessly white skin, but also may let older women give birth to a baby .In the experiment, Ronald Debinghor used special methods make mice premature aging, the animal skin, brain, viscera and other organs like the 80 years old man physical condition, then using telomerase activator stimulation, make telomerase reverse transcriptase return to life. After 2 months at mice telomerase activator, growth many new cells, restore youthful vigor. More surprising is the original old male rats were restored fertility, reproductive again.