ta 65 supplement/ supplements

The scientists at Harvard medical school found a rare mixture in a Chinese herbal medicine Astragalus, from the mixture we can extract a special Nutritional supplements called TA-65 supplements. What makes it so special, because it can activate the Telomerase, Telomerase can protect chromosome terminal, and it will also indirectly protect cells. In the last year, the Harvard medical school research team had an experiment in mice, they tested the"TA-65 supplements" effect, "through the experiment scientist discovered the mice chromosome terminal extended and the immune system has been restored, even the bone density were increased. That means if human injection of "TA-65 supplements", the chromosome terminal will be extend, cells recovery function and characteristic, saggy skin will natural recovery become Firm and beauty.

"TA-65 supplements" for humans is not only beautiful, but also health. According to a study from University of California , human ageing speed have a great relationship with lifestyle and genetic genes, compare with other normal Chromosome telomere people, if you have slightly shorter Chromosome telomere ,you get the risk of heart disease is three times . "TA-65 supplements" will extend chromosome telomere length, let every cell in the human body maintain active.

According to scientists’ research, "TA-65 supplements" not only prolong life, make people keep young, health status. But the scientists said, in the combined drug treatment at the same time, we should change eating habits -- avoid eating cereal and milk products, eat more vegetables, fruits, seafood and nuts.