Top 10 Anti Aging Products

Aging is a process with age, must be experienced. However, with the development of medical science technology now, aging is no longer terrible, could be eased or even reversed. There are many anti-aging products appear on market, for these products, we will summarize the most effective 10 anti-aging products.

1.Cycloastragenol:This substance is based on the Telomeres & Telomerase anti-aging theory,which is discovered by 2009 Nobel Prize winner. It is telomerase activator,filtered from large number of plants. The body's cells decline leads to tissues and organs aging, the body will show the status of aging. Cycloastragenol could activate telomerase, extend telomeres, repair the chromosomes ends, slow decay of cells, thus delaying the aging of the body. It is ranked first, because the substance can prevent and repair DNA deletions, and enhance the vitality of the cells from the source, slow down or even reverse the aging in essence!

2.Resveratrol:It could increase the intracellular substance called "sirtuins", thereby limiting calorie intake. Intracellular various activities need for energy provided by the ATP, ATP mainly produced by mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. Study shows that energy metabolism can reduced reactive oxygen species generation by limiting the activity of mitochondrial, increasing endogenous antioxidant defense system, weakening the body's level of oxidative stress, enhancing the anti-aging enzyme activity of the species, thus prolonging the life of the body.

3.CoQ10: A fat-soluble antioxidant, it could not only clear the free radicals of the body, inhibit the generation of free radicals, but also replenish cellular energy.

4.SOD:Superoxide dismutase, its study history is more than 70 years, is an active substance derived from life body. It could catalyze disproportionation reaction of superoxide anion, could eliminate the harmful substances produced by the organism in the metabolic process, thus it has anti-aging effect.

5.Melatonin(MT):MT is an endogenous antioxidant, has high lipid solubility, one of the pineal gland hormone, is present in both prokaryotes and human. It not only can inhibit the production of free radicals, and can eliminate free radicals after its generation. In same physiological concentrationsIts, its effect is 60 to 70 times higher than vitamin C and E.

6.Lycopene:A carotenoid, is a strong antioxidant, has strong ability to scavenge free radicals, so it could prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, improve immunity, protect cell DNA from free radical damage to, prevent cell disease, mutations, cancer.

Vitamin E:Not only an antioxidant, but also a necessary nutrient that could protect the skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, smooth muscle and cardiovascular systems.

Nucleic acid: nucleic acid can enhance the activity of SOD and GSH Px, its metabolites uric acid has a strong antioxidant. It can promote the growth of Bifidobacterium, Bifidobacterium could promote the vitality of SOD, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-aging.

Stem Cells:Under certain conditions, it could produce new stem cells, which could be differentiated according to certain procedures, maintain homeostasis of cells, so as to let the tissues and organs maintain the homeostasis of growth and decline. But what is the certain condition? All we know it is difficult to achieve such a condition.

Rapamycin: It's a immunosuppressant. Rapamycin treatment had the remarkable effect of extending life even though it was not started at early life. Most interventions that prolong life in mice, including a very low-calorie diet, need to be started early in life to show any effect. It is in the last row, because the substance currently is mainly used to suppress the body's immune system regulation and may make the body become more sensitive to infectious diseases.