Anti Aging Tips

Someday, if you suddenly find yourself grow forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, you will not be panicked? With the aging process, facing death sniper, you will not feel terrible? Aging, which is the human most afraid words most afraid of humans. Anti-aging, win the anti-aging battle, maintain youthful vigor, that is everyone's dream.

A British study showed that Nobel laureate generally live longer, the average life expectancy up to 77.2 years old. The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winner - Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak discovered the secret of life, a controlling aging biological clock - Telomeres. They found the human Anti Aging Tips, to help humans open the door to live longer.

Telomeres caps at the ends of chromosome, carries no important human genetic information. Each time human cell division, there will always lose some fragments of the ends of chromosomes, that is parts of telomeres. With the increasing of the number of division, telomere becomes shorter and shorter, when telomere is all lost, the cells no longer replicate updates and go to aging. The body is a cell-based unit, cell aging, the body will start aging. Elizabeth Blackburn also found that the cells have an enzyme called Telomerase, telomerase can extend the damaged telomeres. However, telomerase is dormant in the body, the function is not inspired by, unable to complete the work of extension telomeres, couldn't shoulder the anti-aging mission. After long time unremitting efforts, scientists finally found the telomerase activator Cycloastragenol compound, naturally contained in plants Astragalus. It could effectively activate dormant telomerase , promote telomerase synthesis telomeres,allow cells to restore the ability of replication, enhance cells viability. The cells have much vitality, the body will be more health.

Thanks to the modern medicine advance, so humans discovered anti-aging tips. Thanks to the gift of nature, so humans have anti-aging key--Cycloastragenol Capsule!