How to Increase Longevity

Eternal youth, health and longevity, are the lasting targets that human beings are seeking thousands of years. Ancient human desire longevity focused on mythology, modern people are becoming rational pursuit of longevity. People no longer are scared of death, no longer feel shy to seek longevity. Longevity is no longer the exclusive privilege of the dignitaries, ordinary people are more concerned about the health and quality of lives. With the development of modern science and medicine advances, by microorganisms, hormones, organ transplants, cloning and other medical technology, human seem to already be able to contend with God, but these are not the secret of perpetual youth. After a long arduous study, now humans are closer to longevity, already master the secret of youth——telomere→ telomerase→Cycloastragenol.

About Telomere

Telomere is discovered and named by Muller, he also won the Nobel Prize. Telomere is a special structure at the ends of chromosomes, like the coil of the coil notebook[1]. It can’t afford a major role, but without the coil, coil notebook would loose, just as without telomeres, DNA strands become damaged and our cells can’t do their job. The cells copy themselves constantly throughout our lives, to enable organizations to maintain the best condition. Each time a cell copies itself, it will lose a part of the ends of chromosome that is a partial fragment of telomere [2]. This does not affect the integrity of the genetic information because telomeres don’t contain genetic information. Eventually, telomeres get too short to do their job, causing our cells to age and stop functioning properly [3].

About Telomerase

Telomerase is discovered and named by the CW Greider and EH Blackburn. It is an enzyme which could extend the telomere that is shorted by each copy [4]. However, with age increasing, the telomerase number will be less and less. The extend speed of telomere is slower than the short speed of telomere during cell replication. Therefore, to slow the lost speed of the telomere, you have to enhance the activity and the number of telomerase [5].

About Cycloastragenol

Cycloastragenol compound is a natural telomerase activator. Geron Company discovered it from natural herbs astragalus. Through a series of scientific experiments, it confirm that cycloastragenol compound has the real and effective function to activate telomerase, can delay or even reverse the aging due to the telomeres shortening[6].

Astragalus plant which is the source of Cycloastragenol has been used as drug and food in China for 2000 years. Traditional Chinese medical science classified it as top grade herb, deem it is absolutely harmless with no side effects [7]. There are already many anti-aging products in market, most of them use Cycloastragenol compound as their main active ingredient, such as TA-65, CAW Cycloastragenol Capsule. Select the correct Cycloastragenol Capsule, you select a correct road to youth and longevity.


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