Anti Aging Benefits/Effects

Aging is an inevitable process, it’s a complex natural phenomena. It exhibits as the functional decline, adaptability and resistance decrease. The nature of aging is cells attenuation. For example, women's heart is 275g at age 39, when 85 years old, its only 180 grams. Kidney at the age of 39 weighs 150 grams, and 85 years of age only 90 grams.

Anti Aging Benefits can not only prolong human life, but also improve the quality of human life. Such as improving the body's immune, let body less be afflicted by the disease, maintain tissues and organs in healthy state, improve the appearance of facial image and overall improve the quality of human life.

Anti-aging methods include the implementation of anti-healthy lifestyle (such as a balanced diet, do regular exercise, adequate sleep, no smoking, reducing alcohol consumption). In addition, taking anti-aging drugs, and calorie control, are also major anti-aging strategies. Calorie control need to start restrict calorie intake at a young age to achieve the desired effect. You could take nutrition that body's cells need,such as vitamins; take supplyment that could improve the cells living environment such as antioxidants(polyphenols) to eliminate unfavorable factors to cells; and taking Cycloastragenol Capsule, which could extend chromosome, slow or even reverse the decline of the cell, maintain body be in good health and vitality state, it has truly anti aging effects.