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Research found : In 2009 three scientists from the United States discovery the human aging secret - telomeres and telomerase mechanism to protect chromosomes won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine .The three scientists "solved a major problem in biology ", namely how chromosomes during cell division complete copy, how to avoid degeneration . All the mystery hidden in the telomeres and telomerase . Telomerase is produced naturally by the chromosome Root cap shedding ,it’s can lead to aging and cancer. Telomeres are also scientists called " life clock ." In the new cells, once every cell division , telomeres shorten once. When telomerase no longer shorten , cells can not continue to divide and death. As cells apoptotic ,the human body also will decline, unable to continue working, thus aging occurs.

Telomerase Activation : CounterAgingWise launched Cycloastragenol capsules can activating telomerase , which is the main component of Cycloastragenol ,Cycloastragenol is now the only discovered telomerase activator, by increasing telomere enzyme thus delaying telomere shortening , increase the activity of human cells , Cycloastragenol is believed to have anti-aging effects , thereby protecting cells . Cycloastragenol is currently used as a nutritional supplement , is extracted from the Chinese medicine Astragalus .Last year Harvard Medical School experiments in mice showed Cycloastragenol successfully extend the already short telomeres , and repair the immune system , increase bone density.

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