cycloastragenol 25mg

2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded American scientists Elizabeth• Blackburn, Carol• Greider and Jack •Szostak, in recognition of their "discovery of telomeres and telomerase is how to protect chromosomes." Telomere shortening may be the cause of aging and induced bone marrow, lung and skin lesions. If telomere length is maintained, it can delay cell senescence. U.S. biotech company Geron study found cycloastragenol primarily through telomerase activation exerts its biological effects, the study of the cycloastragenol new drugs and health products development has played a positive role in promoting. is a online supplement store, they are mainly provide Various specifications of Astragaloside and cycloastragenol top supplements.Astragaloside main role is to enhance the immune system,cycloastragenol is a telomerase activation agent,it’s can delay human aging. online supplement store's main product is cycloastragenol 25mg, cycloastragenol 25mg 30 capsules / bottle and 60 / bottle, the price is $ 209.99 and $ 299.99 a bottle. cycloastragenol 25mg Capsule material is 98% purity cycloastragenol,at the GMP conditions conduct production ,this is unique in other similar products, of course, it's certainly better than the other anti-aging products.