Counteragingwise-Aging fighter

CounterAgingWise is a medical technology company which is commitment to human health, and be more emphasis on green natural product. Their anti-aging product names Cycloastragenol Capsule are consistent with similar TA-65 components. No added colors, No preservatives, it’s really a natural green product.

About Astragalus

Astragalus has a history of use as herbal medicine used in systems of traditional Chinese medicine [1] .Folk already spread the word "drunk astragalus soup, healthy living and disease prevention." This means that often soaked with astragalus decoction or tea drinking will bring us well immunity and health care. Some people are easy to catch cold, Chinese medicine called "table is not solid”, can use astragalus to solid form. Astragalus uniforms to avoid recurrent colds.[2]

Modern medicine has proved that astragalus can enhance immune function, liver, diuretic, anti-aging, anti-stress, blood pressure and wider antibacterial effect. It can eliminate glomerulonephritis, inotropic, regulate blood sugar levels. Astragalus can not only expand coronary artery, improve myocardial blood supply, improve immune function, and can delay cell aging process.

About Cycloastragenol

Cycloastragenol (Molecular formula C30H50O5, Molecular Weight 490.71, CAS No. 78574-94-4) is a natural triterpenoid saponin compound that is extracted from the Astragalus. It is the only one discovered telomerase activator until now. It could increase the activity of telomerase, delay telomere shortening, prevent cell decline, so as to achieve anti-aging effect [3]. It is natural anti-aging san goods. Cycloastragenol is a precious gift that the nature gives us. The Counteragingwise which launched the Cloastragenol Capsules gives human weapons against age.

References and Websites

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