Anti Aging Program

Telomeres and Aging

Famous British geriatrician Aubrey de Grey issued Frightening assertion: "One day, humans will be able to survive thousands of years". He believes that human reason can’t "enjoy their later years", just because it is not clear how the overall maintenance of body functions. As long as we know the future of human well-maintained this "complex machine" to ensure its long normal "functioning" living human millennium will no longer be a distant dream.

Richard Miller who is professor of Michigan University said that the future of mankind will live longer. Today, the experimental studies indicate that extending 40% life of mammals is not difficult." Miller said, "Through experimental study on longevity of animals, the scientists expected to find the secret to extend human life before 2056. Then centenarians can be as vibrant as 60-year-old man today”.

The current anti-aging theory can be divided into three categories:

1.antioxidant theory

Skura Geoff,worked at the Moscow State University, aged 69, engaged in anti-aging medicine research more than 40 years,announced that they have developed an "elixir" which is essentially an oxidant. Due to 1% oxygen would become superoxide that is a strongly toxic substance, so my task is to find an antioxidant, preventing this process.1

2.Caloric Restriction on Longevity

Representative compounds are Resveratrol and Sirolimus. Resveratrol is present in grapes, peanuts and red wine, Sirolimus was originally discovered in Easter Island soil. The effectiveness of the two substances is stimulating metabolic by "restricted diet" approach. This has been demonstrated in yeast, mice and monkey experiments. Resveratrol is now beginning to be permitted as a food additive, but as a drug needs more rigorous testing and clinical testing2. Sirolimus superior to Resveratrol is that it has been approved as a drug ingredient by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but in the current level of technology, it might be used as an immunosuppressant to produce side effects 3.

3.Extend telomeres to anti aging

As one of the most important mechanisms of aging theory, the discoverer of telomerase, three American scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2009. 4 Scientists believe that the chromosome terminal is an important indicator of human life. The shorter the telomeres structure, the faster the aging. Telomeres caps at the ends of chromosomes, particular tissue, like the end of the plastic sleeve lace as its role is to stabilize the structure of the chromosome ends, prevent the connection between the ends of chromosomes. Telomerase can extend the shortened telomeres, but most of the human telomerase is turned off, unable to complete the tasks of extension of telomeres, stay young and anti-aging5. According to this principle, Geron company selected Cycloastragenol compound from large number of nature compounds,it is the most effective telomerase activator,has been demonstrated in mice. The process of telomeres shortening is no longer irreversible, human longevity dream finally has a practical drug6.

 The above is the current reviews of anti-aging products. We could discover that cycloastragenol compound is the most essential,scientific, natural and effective substance among current anti-aging products. On the market there are many anti-aging products use Cycloastragenol as their main ingredient, such as Cycloastragenol Capsule, TA-65,Product B,Beaeon,etc.


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