Anti Aging Breakthrough

Telomeres and Aging

Aging is a biological phenomenon of total life processes throughout the body morphology, structure and function gradually decline. Biological organism is composed of cells, so the body aging is caused by the cells aging. When the cells divide to reach a specific generation (in most normal somatic cells increased (60 ~ 70 generation), the cells will lost the ability to divide, start aging until death. Cellular senescence is the result of telomere replication problems that are not compensated. Telomeres gradually shorten to a certain length (reach 5 ~ 7kb) then no longer protect the chromosome from restructuring or degradation. Cells stop dividing, go into the aging process, these lead to cell aging and death. We compared the telomere length of the fetus, newborn, young and older cell lines and found that telomere length declining,such as the age increases continuously shortening of telomere DNA on limiting the existence of life time, determine the matter kinds of biological age, so telomere length is considered to be the "biological clock" of human life.

Anti Aging Breakthrough- Cycloastragenol(Telomerase activator)

After the study of telomeres and telomerase, the scientists realized that might find effective telomerase activator is the key of anti-aging. In 2010, the Geron Company finally has the latest anti-aging breakthrough, finding the current most dynamic telomerase activator - Cycloastragenol. Through a series of experiments, it’s confirmed that Cycloastragenol have tangible effect on telomeres. Cycloastragenol naturally present in Chinese herbal medicine Astragalus, but its little content requires advanced extraction technology and carefully refining in order to obtaining the purest Cycloastragenol. China is the largest Cycloastragenol exporting country, there is a manufacturer CAW which could produce the best Cycloastragenol original drug and Cycloastragenol Capsule here. The CAW provides the human the most sharp weapons—— telomerase activator Cycloastragenol to struggle with the aging. The latest discovery is the most significant breakthrough of anti aging, open a new era of human aging. It’s the secret of anti-aging.