Skin Anti Aging

Everyone is seeking the beautiful, but aging is really the largest predators to beautiful. Skin aging is caused by natural and non-natural factors. Due to the rapid development of today's society, the external environment changes and the stress increases, leading to increasingly the more women appeared premature aging phenomenon, sagging skin, wrinkles and pigmentation characteristics and a series of skin aging. Skin aging affects not only beauty, but also caused a lot of skin diseases, such as pruritus, skin keratosis, etc. So, skin anti-aging is the work that each person pursuing beauty must do as soon as possible. But in many cases even if we spent a lot of money with countless skin care products, even at the cost of cosmetic surgery, we still looks senescent. That is because we have not found the internal and nature skin aging reasons, fail to take the right approach against aging.

The underlying cause of skin aging is the decline of skin tissue function. The skin is thinning with the age increasing and has significantly changed. Human skin comprises of three parts, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The epidermis is thickest when we 20 years old,then gradually thinning, to old age particle layer can be shrunk to disappear. Due to the aging cells attached to the stratum corneum, the skin surface begins to harden and lose luster. The dermal is thickest when we 30 years old, then gradient thin and accompanied by atrophy. Reduction of subcutaneous fat, and because of changes in elastic fibers and collagen fibers occurred gradually lost skin elasticity and tension, and further lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. So the culprit of skin aging is the significant reduction in the number of cells with the increasing age. So that even we use a lot of skin care products, and even have operate on skin, we couldn’t stop the pace of skin aging

Essential method of anti aging from the cellular level is increasing the capacity of cellular replacement,maintaining the number of cells, enhancing cell viability. What drugs can do to achieve such magic? New research found that cells naturally decline is controlled by a gene fragment called "telomeres", with age increasing, telomeres get shorter, as it shortens despicably short, cells stop splitting and go to demise. Therefore, increasing the length of telomeres could enhance cell viability, slow the pace of aging. Telomerase is naturally present in the cell, the enzyme can extend telomeres. But the activity of telomerase in normal human body is low, so it could not properly lengthen telomeres. The discovery of telomerase activator Cycloastragenol Capsule could make up for the body's shortcomings, can effectively activate intracellular telomerase to extend telomeres, enhance the capability of cell replication & update, increase cell vitality, thus effectively resist skin aging, retain youthful beauty!

In addition to protecting cells at the cellular level(taking Cycloastragenol Capsule), we could also change our lifestyle and environment to assist in anti-aging skin: remain cheerful and optimistic mood, pay attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, have a balanced diet, vitamin supplement and essential minerals, protect the skin from trauma, sunshine, wind, cold, heat and chemicals.