Scientists developed a "youth" supplement

No one can avoid illness and death, particularly in aging, it often makes people feel very scared. The change of skin is an important symbol of human aging. In one's life, the skin will be from compact to sagging, this process often makes a lot of people feel hugely frustrated and helpless. But recently, scientists announced a magical potion that can make the person "rejuvenation". That might mean "immortality" is no longer a dream one day in the future.

Scientists at Harvard medical school found a rare mixture from Astragalus root, what is a Chinese herbal medicine. After refined they got a magic nutritional supplements named "cycloastragenol". It is amazing, because it can activate an enzyme called "telomerase". This enzyme can repairs telomeres, what will indirectly protect cells.

The research team had taken an experiment on mice by injected with “cycloastragenol", then they found not only the mouse’s telomeres were extended, but also the immune system had been restored, even bone density was increased. These mean that if human injected with this "cycloastragenol" nutritional supplements, they will also extend telomeres, and resurrect the functions and characteristics of cells, recovery to youthful beauty.

"Cycloastragenol" brings not only beauty, but also health. According to a study from the University of California, the speed of human aging has great relationship with telomere. People with shorter telomeres have three times risk of heart disease as those who have longer telomeres. And the existence of "cycloastragenol" will let each human cell being active.